This page is being written and managed by Gary McCormick, founder of www.findalifecoach.us and is to serve and educate the people of Atlanta Ga in regards to how to find a life coach online and make the most of their time in working with a life coach, relationship coach, career coach, business coach or any other type of coach or consultant.

You’ll find articles on this blog that are helpful in figuring out what a life coach is, what a life coach does, what types of coaches are available within and outside of life coaching in general.

We’ll be sharing tips on how to access your own life “as is”, how to know yourself and others better, how to figure out what you’re made to do, what makes you happy and to help you imagine a life not too far in the future where you can live with more balance, purpose and the joy that doing so brings.

We’ll also share some of our own stories, both of being coached, coaching and just life in general. We would love to get your comments, feedback, suggestions and questions as our goal is to make this blog and it’s posts of value to you, our reader, our visitor, someone who may being coached or coaching sometime soon.

Lastly, remember that it is “best practice” for all of us to start and live each day with the end in mind. Like so many things in life, whatever we look at, whatever we think about regularly, whatever we imagine be it good or bad…we will eventually end up in that place or with that issue one day. So start each year, month, week and even day with your life’s end in mind, focusing more and more each day on what you need to in order to see that come into reality.

Blessings fellow traveler 🙂


Gary & Renee’ McCormick

Founders – http://www.findalifecoach.us